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What if my child doesn’t want to take a Body Basics and Beyond?

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

What if my child doesn’t want to take a Body Basics and Beyond program because they are embarrassed to talk about body topics?

First, know that these feelings are actually quite common and perfectly natural. Of course it can be embarrassing to talk about bodies and feelings, but it is also important. Invite them to come to the first two classes and see how it goes. If they truly don’t like it, they don’t have to continue. And know that in all the years of offering Body Basics and Beyond programs, every student who has felt unsure has returned for the remainder of the sessions after experiencing the first (sometimes second) class. If, after checking in with each other about what the challenges are for your child with the program, it still appears that the classes are not a good fit for them, you can receive a portion of the tuition as a refund.

My own daughter absolutely did NOT want to do these classes.

I just replied, “I know honey, but I already signed you up and I think these classes are really important.”

(Then I just walked away- I stop engaging!)

She eventually LOVED the classes and every year asked if she was signed up for the next session, she continued going each year until completing the 8th grade sex education program. Some of the most effective and valuable classes for her confidence, knowledge and connection.

Hope this helps. The risk of showing up is worth the reward!


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