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About Me

My role is to provide accurate, accessible, and playful puberty education to youth so that they can better understand what is happening with their changing bodies and how puberty will affect them.

My goal is to support youth as they learn how to care for their changing bodies, to normalize the experience of puberty, and to steward a communal space for youth to share about their experiences, attitudes, and beliefs around puberty.


My hope is that by the end of our class series, youth will better understand what puberty is, have the confidence to face it head-on, and have the knowledge to care for their bodies well.

About Me

Welcome…I am thrilled to be teaching puberty education classes to our youth for the last 4 years. I consider these classes some of the most valuable and important information for young teens. After seeing the positive difference these puberty classes made for my young daughter, I knew I wanted to get on board  and teach this powerful body awareness and confidence program. I know the years ahead will be filled with sweet connections, discoveries and personal growth for the students that I will serve through these after school programs.

I hold a Bachelors in Education & Special Education, I am a licensed educator in Oregon, and I have taught all grades K-8th. I have taught and worked with youth for the last 3 decades in both public and private schools. I recently led a class of students through the eight year elementary journey at a Waldorf inspired school.

With my recent move to Eugene, I am offering Body Basics and Beyond puberty readiness classes for 5th-7th and sex education for 8th grade (In my opinion this is a must before entering into high school-let's get those values in place!). Classes take place in the Eugene area and beyond.


When I am not working with youth, I can be found working on projects with my beloved husband, antique shopping with my two college daughters, hiking or cross country skiing the beautiful Oregon trails, playing with our two dogs and cat, discovering waterfalls, cooking delicious meals, biking around town, or paddle boarding some gorgeous river or lake.  

I also run my own unique business as a developmental and educational consultant through Roots to Rise, where I holistically support youth and their families with learning, sensory, emotional and/or behavioral challenges. 

My wealth and depth of experience draws from my career in education and continued professional development including:

  • Facilitating Trust circles with youth

  • Holding  Compassionate Communication workshops with youth and adults

  • Educator of Body Basics and Beyond (puberty & sex education for adolescence)

Trained in:

  • Marshall Rosenberg Compassionate Communication

  • Neurodevelopmental Movement/Reflex Integration and remedial & sensory integration


If you would like to know more about Body Basics Eugene classes,  please contact Jane at or call 541-708-1688  

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Mission Statement

It is my mission to educate youth to be knowledgeable about their changing bodies in an inclusive, supportive and empowering way. My dream is to collaborate with both youth and the adults that raise them in this journey of  becoming self confident, capable and empathetic in our ever evolving world.

Background of Body Basics

Body Basics and Beyond is a puberty education program that was founded by Karen O’Dougherty in Ashland, Oregon. It has since grown into a movement of educators trained by Karen who are sharing her powerful and effective puberty curriculum around the globe. 

Karen continues to teach playful, accurate, and accessible puberty education to 4th-8th graders in her hometown of Ashland, OR and offers virtual puberty certification classes to adults. Click here for more info on certification

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