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Beyond Body Basics 8th Grade
Class Description

Establishing healthy perspectives around sex and sexuality through awareness and knowledge.

Beyond Body Basics provides students with accurate and empowering information about sex and sexuality so that they can make healthy and safe choices as sexual beings. These classes provide students with a safe and comfortable place to talk openly and ask questions about gender and sexuality while learning about sexual health, birth control, and how to establish personal boundaries around intimacy. Before heading off to high school, let’s have youth’s sexual values in place.

Topics Discussed Include

  • Gender identity and sexual orientation, sexual intercourse

  • Sexually transmitted infections

  • Protection and birth control

  • Relationships and love

  • Social pressures around sexual activity

Activities Include:

  • Gender role mapping

  • Communicating Consent

  • Contraceptive Tool Box

  • Anonymous questions box



  • Class Size: 6-10 students

  • Session Structure: 6 classes, 1½ hours each on rotating days

  • Includes: 1.5 hour virtual parent education meeting

  • Cost: $275

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