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Body Basics 5th Grade
Class Description

Creating positive impressions of changing bodies.

Body Basics provides the information and support youth need to understand the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty. In a fun, supportive, and open environment, students connect with each other while sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences together. This type of honest sharing normalizes puberty so youth know that they are not alone as they are changing.

Topics Discussed Include

  • Changes in body shape and size (weight/height/breast development)

  • Looks labels and how they can affect how we see our bodies

  • Hormones and brain changes

  • Ovulation and menstruation

Activities Include:

  • Learning about the reproductive system

  • Familiarization with menstrual products

  • Time Together at home: Parenting adults and youth talk about the changes associated with puberty using a series of questions and conversation prompts.


  • Class size: 6-8 students

  • Session Structure: 6 classes, 1.5 hours each, once or twice a week 

  • Includes 1.5 hour virtual parent meeting

  • Cost: $275 per student


Body Basics 5th Grade
Registration is Open!

Pay Deposit: $100

Pay Remainder: $175
Pay In Full: $275

Please pay the deposit OR pay in full to reserve your child's seat in class. If you pay the deposit, please return to this page and pay the remainder 2 weeks before the first class. 

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